About us

Chau Tan Asian Groceries was started by our late father Mr Duc Chau, in 1994. In 2005, we opened ARC to give the community more variety and choice as compared to our traditional Asian grocery store (we still operate and love our Chau Tan Grocery store, which continues to be run and operated by our mum!).

At ARC we offer a large variety of the “Good Stuff” that people in our community could get “Back Home” in Asia.  We serve the diverse and multicultural Melbourne community, who come from all parts of the world, the ability to buy the Good Stuff in their new home in Australia. As you know, nothing beats an authentic home cook meal, and you can’t cook an authentic home-cooked meal without the Good Stuff.

What is this “Good Stuff” that you talk about?

  1. A carefully curated range of goods from all parts of Asia, from China to Japan and all the places in between
  2. The fresh produce we offer our customers is the same products we eat at home. We source from Passionate people to ensure that we have the best value fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs sourced locally (when possible) from a network of local growers, farmers and suppliers
  3. Having unique and interesting products that others do not, opens you to the opportunity to try new things and experiment with different flavour profiles

We are a family run, owned and operated grocery store. We pride ourselves on simply giving all our customers access to quality produce, foods from around the world and friendly customer service. Make sure that you visit us when you are in Preston to get your fair share of the Good Stuff.